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The FlowBiz Technology Platform (FBTP) has a new release available, and version 5.3 is all about speed. Well almost, there are a bunch of other great new features as well.

Security has always been one of FlowBiz’s top priorities, and whilst we pride ourselves on our robust security features we understand that if you cannot get your data fast enough the deal could go begging. So we have given our Security system an overhaul, and managed to make most screens load 3 times faster without compromising any of the robust security features we are so proud of. All in all, it’s still “bullet proof”, but now it’s more “bullet-like” than ever before.

The Web rendering engine for HTML5 compliant browsers has also been updated meaning that browser support is all the more comprehensive, with the ever growing list now including Windows 10’s default browser Microsoft Edge (version 13 onwards).

For those customers taking advantage of the FlowBiz professional services development team for custom system enhancements a new “System Modes” feature means faster transitions between development, pre-production and production environments. The “Project Management” module has been expanded to include capture of “Requirements and Deliverables” to make project scopes less slippery and more relevant to all levels of management and operations. Plus! new system architecture improvements have been made to further improve already industry leading development turnaround times.

By no means last and certainly not least FBTP 5.3 supports all the new features in Workflow Designer 5.3 including the assignment of users to steps in a guide, making guides so much more powerful than before. With so many new features there’s just not time right now to explain them all, why not get in touch with one of our friendly sales team to discuss how 5.3 could revolutionize your business.

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