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Digital Strategies for Growth

Change has become the new constant. Every day it seems someone somewhere is coming up with a new and better way to challenge the status quo. Combine this with tighter budgets, shorter timeframes, higher expectations, greater competition and more immediate customer needs and it’s easy to see why your ‘business as usual’ is no longer enough.

Seeing the pressing need for businesses to evolve to survive the new digital, big data era, founder Terry Sinkinson, set out to disrupt ‘business as usual’.

Knowing that efficiency and a culture of innovation start with the right business processes, workflows and technology, Terry sought out a team of industry leading, business-minded, people-focused technical experts to find a way to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to grow, innovate and disrupt.

The answer was FlowBiz, a powerful platform that allows you to simplify, automate and monitor your business processes and workflows from anywhere at any time, to lower costs, improve customer experiences, increase profitability and grow market share.

The rest, as they say, is history. Still championing the cause 15 years on, FlowBiz has helped over 200,000 organisations across 270 sectors worldwide disrupt their industries and create streamlined, scalable and sustainable businesses. Now we’d love to help yours.

Why FlowBiz

A platform designed for your biggest plans


If you’ve ever been frustrated by hard-to-use programs, software applications not coordinating, double handling or having to adapt your processes to fit technology then the FlowBiz Technology Platform is made for you.

Giving you company-wide visibility, you can see where customers are up to in the sales process, measure the efficiency of your staff, track vehicles on the road and easily identify where processes are breaking down to build an even better business.


A system that revolves around you

How many hours, dollars and opportunities have your team wasted in the last week trying to grapple with complicated systems, multiple applications and tedious processes? At FlowBiz, we believe in designing systems around you – not building your business around limited systems.

While our platform contains out-of-the-box best practice processes and pre-built software for easy implementation, the application of it is completely tailored to your business. Whether you need one component or all, we get to know your staff, customers, processes and industry to design the answer you need.


An expert team at your fingertips

At FlowBiz, we understand that each business vision is different and needs specific skills and experience to bring it to life. Choosing from our team of highly skilled developers, system architects, designers and business analysts, we assign a specialised team to champion your project.

Whether you need to design, improve or automate processes, standardise data sets, design a mobile app, capture leads more effectively, create a system to do business your way, implement your project or provide training to staff we are only ever a phone or email away. Meet the FlowBiz Team.


A business you want to run

Businesses we work with experience a boost in productivity, a surge in happy staff and customers, an increase in profitability and exponential growth. But don’t take our word for it, have a read of our customer case studies

Are you running your best business? Call us today on + 61 7 3283 6215.

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