Three Heads Are Better Than One!

Three Heads are Better than One! We know two heads are better than one! But what happens when three heads get together? At FlowBiz, as leaders in Digital Strategies and deployment of integrated workflow solutions, we scan the world for best practice solutions to...

Workflow Guides

Workflow Guides With tasks scattered throughout a business and no way of tracking who is doing what, Workflow Connect Guides give real time visibility to any workflow and make it available to all workers on any device. Create tasks complete with checklists and notes...

My business was hit by a bus!

My business was hit by a bus! It’s the costly story of too many businesses – key business processes stuck in the minds of key people! But of course what happens if the proverbial bus comes along and – WHAM!!! It may be macabre and perhaps a little insensitive...

Italian Leather Software

Italian Leather Software It is widely accepted that Italians make the best leather shoes. If you want a nice pair of shoes that fit your feet, provide you support, and get you from one place to another in style and comfort, you buy a nice pair of Italian leather...

WOAH – Back The Truck Stuff Up

WOAH-Back The Truck Stuff Up It’s 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon, a text message from home beckons you to begin a relaxing weekend. In your haste to read the all-important message you reach for your phone, knock over your cup of now cold coffee and ZAP! SIZZLE! POP!...

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