ConNetica – Conversations For Life App Release

A little more conversation, A little more action please!

A very well attended official launch on 14th December at the Connetica offices in Caloundra saw Prof. John Mendoza and the ConNetica team launch their “Conversations for life®” Mobile Apps. Amongst the speakers was the Federal Member for Fisher and Special Minister for State Mal Brough, who commended ConNetica and FlowBiz for all the hard work that has gone into the project.

“The work you have done will save lives… As a community we must take responsibility for suicide prevention by having conversations with those we are concerned about … I know that this app will help me personally have the conversations I need to have with those I know who need support.”

The work by ConNetica is not only admirable for its mission to reduce suicide and improve the community responsibility for mental wellbeing, but for the strategy that has been chosen as a foundation for the project. The app was never going to just be an app. The app’s architecture has been intelligently designed to link into a larger system in the back end. A system that will soon see ConNetica delivering many more products like this one with ease, and gaining the necessary data and feedback to enhance, improve and deliver this vital content on a variety of devices in a variety of contexts and languages throughout the world.

The FlowBiz platform will power this backend system that will do so much good, and we are both personally and professionally proud to be part of the project.

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