We are proud to announce that our participation in the Advance Queensland TWiG #AQTWIG program is now complete!

CrowdForce is a mobile based crowd sourced data platform that acts as a push marketing interface. CrowdForce specialises in using technologies to bring crowd sourced data to decision makers. Through a clever mobile application and powerful data aggregation and visualization tools, CrowdForce makes it possible to bring the power of the crowd to the fingertips of decision makers, such as the Crowd Sourced Mobile Signal Data program developed for Government. Why is this important?  Better informed decisions mean better infrastructure and services, which leads to a better community for us all.

Thank you to MacroGIS for collaborating with FlowBiz on this exciting project. Thank you also to all of the team at Advance Queensland, DSITI and QGCIO it was an absolute pleasure to work with you on the Crowd Sourced Mobile Signal Data project.

The result of the initial project is CrowdForce, a new product from FlowBiz. Imagine if you want to gather information from a community such as specific customer types and then engage with them through a sales pipeline?  Well, CrowdForce is designed to do just that and much more to bring a new way of sales enablement and customer retention.

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