Designer 5.31 – Come Get Some!


It used to be said that if you can’t beat ‘em, you should join ‘em. Well, here at FlowBiz we have a slightly different motto:

If you can’t beat ‘em, provide support for their file types!

OK, it doesn’t rhyme, but it’s true. And that’s exactly what we have done with Microsoft’s Visio product. Whilst we enabled import of Microsoft Visio *.vsd files some time ago now, the new format *.vsdx has not been supported. As of version 5.31 you can import your Visio 2013 onwards *.vsdx files into our Workflow Designer product, enabling you to leverage the power of our product with your existing processes.

We don’t pretend to claim that our software avoids the release of “undocumented features”, which some people call bugs, but we do try our best to stamp ‘em out whenever we can. Some of the more pesky “undocumented features” removed from version 5.31 are:

  • Pressing F2 on a shape to shortcut to changing its text used to cause a fault, now it works as expected. Try it, it may just save you that extra few seconds reaching for your mouse.
  • FlowBiz’s cunning plan to save the rainforests, by making the ability to print more than one copy of a procedure difficult, has now been thwarted. You can ask for more than one copy and actually get the number you ask for. Be careful with this fix, print sparingly and be sure to use recycled paper!
  • Ctrl + Z or “Undo” is a fan favourite regardless of the software you are using. However, when you get a system fault after using it, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. This was exactly what was happening when you tried to edit restored text after using the undo feature. Not anymore! Go forth and undo when necessary.

Finally, the application icon is a little different and we have changed the look of a few things. This is all part of the slow and steady cosmetic surgery that we are giving the product on an ongoing basis. After all, if we only change a little bit at a time you can get used to it and not get a huge shock when the bandages come off after each release.

Happy Workflow Designing, and be sure to drop us a line. We love to get your feedback and hear your stories on how the product has saved you time, and made your business world a better place.

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