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At FlowBiz we are all about Digital Transformation, our platform developed over the last 15 years has been built from the ground up to be a key tool in digital transformation of businesses of almost any size.
It would seem that “Digital Transformation” or “Digital Disruption” is now not only on the agendas of the “early adopters” and “thought leaders” within business. Recently at his launch of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull stated:

“And finally, the fourth pillar of this agenda is government leading by example in the way it invests in and uses technology. Right across the board you will see there are measures to ensure that government is digitally transformed, so that it is nimble, so that you can deal with government as easily as you can with eBay or with one of the big financial institutions. We should be able to transact with government for most of our engagement on our smartphone. Digital works, it transforms, it makes it easier for business, easier for government.”

Digital certainly does work, Mr Prime Minister, and the time is now. Too many businesses are flirting with digital technology without committing to a serious relationship with it, and will inevitably be left on the sidelines of the dance hall. The worst offenders are those who are dipping their toes in by constructing a website or a mobile app that is not in some meaningful way integrated into their business process. Whilst making the decision to improve through the use of a “Digital” technology is admirable and will yield a short term benefit, long term transformation is only possible through a well-planned permanent change in business process, and the systems that support it.

Ask FlowBiz today how to jump on the bandwagon so admirably driven by our own Prime Minister, and get a “Digital Strategy For Growth” today.

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