FlowBiz – The Rebranding


In the spirit of keeping pace with our market and the times in general our internal marketing team has been working hard to produce our new brand. A clean, modern look for a clean hard working modern company. A new logo, a new tagline, and a fresh approach to serving our customers both new and existing.

The core principle of the rebrand is simplicity. We want our message to be clear, simple and relevant. We have worked hard to produce software solutions but are not just a software company, we are a “DIGITAL” company, what we provide is end to end software solutions and as importantly, STRATEGIES for companies that enables them to grow in an extremely competitive and volatile market. So it was then that “Digital Strategies For Growth” became our mantra and our message.

We aim to build that strategy on 5 core principles delivered through 5 integrated components:
1. A Digital Solutions Technology Platform (now ver 5.3) upon which rapid integrated business solutions can be built that capture how you do your business.
2. A mobility strategy that enables access to key systems and processes from multiple device types in almost any location that interfaces with the platform.
3.An integrated web strategy to ensure your web presence is in concert with your business systems working within the platform.
4. Intelligent Pre-Built business modules like CRM, Sales and Marketing, Products and Services, Finance, Document Management that save development time and work seamlessly on the Platform, and finally
5. Smart Processes, or workflows, that are working seamlessly in concert with all other 4 components to ensure efficiency and accuracy of service delivery whilst building a source of big data along the way.

When any piece is used or all is put together it means a better digital strategy for your business and its growth to reduce profit leakage, increase capacity and meet compliance: FlowBiz – Digital Strategies For Growth.

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