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Workflow Designer is a visual workflow mapping tool from our partners at Workflow Connect. Create rich interactive workflows, processes & SOP’s with the FREE Workflow Designer – Rated by CNET as EXCELLENT! Workflow Designer has features and benefits not found in other tools such as Smart draw, Visio and better still it is absolutely FREE!

Workflow Designer goes beyond simple drawing of a process, procedure or even mind maps. Workflow Designer includes features such as template shapes, automated placement of shapes, and links to other maps documents or even business analysis information.

Imagine one centralized spot for all information in the right order required for the job that aligns with the workflow or procedure every time…

Ask any person tasked with creating workflows, process maps, procedures, mind maps or other visuals along with supporting text how frustrating it is to constantly have to copy and paste between applications for graphics and the text now Workflow Designer solves this and many, many other problems including easy publishing on-line without any IT involvement. Workflow Designer works seamlessly with FlowBiz Automation and Workflow Connect. Workflow Designer leads the world in workflow and procedure design with features and benefits not found in other tools such as Smart draw or Visio.

In use in over 60 countries and over 270 industries, Workflow Designer is one product that is a must in every business toolbox.

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