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Here at FlowBiz, we understand that every need is different, and believe that every solution should be too. That is why we don’t just offer out-of-the-box products, we have the experience and expertise to design systems around your needs.

But… How do we do it? To do this effectively, and ensure you increase your capacity, improve your bottom line and get a significant return on investment, we take you through a five-step journey.

Step 1 – Discovery



To create the right solution for you, we start with a discovery stage. Here we get to know your team, business, processes, and industry – and uncover how many hours, dollars and opportunities are being wasted while you grapple with complicated systems, tedious processes and technology malfunctions.

As we meet and talk with you, we keep an hear out for your frustrations and look for hard to follow processes, duplicated efforts, ineffective information management and broken flow of knowledge transfer to identify the best ways to simplify and automate your business through the FlowBiz technology platform.

Step 2 – Digital Strategy



Based on the information you supply and our knowledge of best practices in your industry, we start to design your digital strategy.

Here our analysts, technicians, and developers collaborate to ensure you have the back-end capability and scalability you want, and the front-end user experience you need to achieve the return on investment you desire.

Step 3 – Configuration



Once we receive approval of your digital strategy, the configuration commences. Here you will receive the precise deliverables outlined in your digital strategy. Iterations are done when needed, and your sign-off will be required at every stage.

Once we have received your final sign off, testing will commence. This testing phase allows us to make any necessary adjustments to enable a smooth transition for you and your team.

Step 4 – Training



Understanding that change can often be met with resistance in the workplace, we provide you with additional support and training throughout the implementation process.

We find that by taking the time to show your staff the key benefits, work through their challenges and provide additional training where needed, we help you increase staff buy-in and engagement making implementation easier.

Step 5 – Support




Once implementation and handover occurs, your system now does all of the hard work for you. But just because your project is complete it doesn’t mean our relationship is.

We are always happy to help you with any questions or issues and offer a range of support packages to you and your team going forward.

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