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It is widely accepted that Italians make the best leather shoes. If you want a nice pair of shoes that fit your feet, provide you support, and get you from one place to another in style and comfort, you buy a nice pair of Italian leather shoes. After all they will last, they are strong, stylish, likely to adapt better to your feet, and they fit you like a glove (well, like shoes should fit anyway).

At FlowBiz we take the same approach to software. Your business shouldn’t be going to a “cut price” shoe store to grab shoes off the shelf, without fitment, that do not fit properly, only do part of the job, and although they might get you places you end up with painful blisters that require band-aid solutions. Sure they may be cheaper at the register, but in the long run you pay the price.

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DISCLAIMER: We don’t actually sell Italian Leather Shoes; just mighty fine software.

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