Merry Christmas from FlowBiz

Only a couple more weeks until Christmas. On behalf of all the team here at FlowBiz, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let’s be honest, though, you don’t really think Santa can produce and deliver millions of toys in a year, right? We received this postcard from Santa with a photo of him living it up at the beach while his elves take care of business!

He can’t be too busy… Maybe because he has the power of FlowBiz software on his side! Santa has written up a handful of procedures in our Workflow Designer software and assigned his little helpers a step in each process. Then Santa seamlessly published his procedures into Workflow Connect, a personalised business administration website, to give his helpers somewhere to track their tasks and progress. The elves know what they need to build, Rudolph has his packing slip and list of addresses for delivery, and Santa can keep an eye on this year’s Christmas supply from anywhere in the world; including the beach!

No longer does Santa need to deal with spoiled eggnog and stale cookies in the middle of the night…

Santa’s a good guy. Be an efficient businessman like he is; contact us to get you started!

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