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The use of Mobile devices (phones & tablets) is at an all-time high. There are now more active mobile users than desktop users globally. Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop at 42%. (source:

FlowBiz’s Business Analyst, David Kleinschmidt attended this year’s CeBit convention in Sydney and was excited by the technology ideas and opportunities that were being presented in the Mobile App space. One of the more highlighted topics of the convention, shared by business and industry leaders, was how they are now investing more into their app strategy than they do into their website with the ultimate goal of increasing the bottom line. These businesses are reaping the benefits from this decision, so why shouldn’t you?

Dependency on websites that work on mobile devices just isn’t cutting it these days, and if you are still fighting with your website to ensure it works on a mobile browser, you may well be investing your money poorly. A well designed app can capture your customers’ needs and requirements much more efficiently through an ever-expanding list of native device features. And when there’s an active internet connection, you can receive information as to how your customer interfaces with the app, so that you’re able to adapt and serve them better.

I know you may not be convinced; apps can be expensive to build, and there are so many more web developers out there promising the world via mobile (just check your SPAM/Junk folder there should be half a dozen or so daily). But what they won’t tell you are the bare facts; there are plenty of reputable sources out there that are claiming some very significant stats. I probably don’t have to convince you of the earlier claim that more people are on their mobile device than a laptop or desktop computer. What might be the hard pill to swallow is that users are spending more time on these devices in apps than they are on Google or browsers.

It might not be that hard to prove it to you. If you use eBay, try its app and you will be convinced one of the biggest barriers to listing products on the eBay website is the ability to upload photos to your listing. Your phone likely has a camera which the eBay app can access and utilise. No more taking photos on one device, transferring them (even if you are using a cloud service) and uploading them via a laptop or desktop browser. And this is just one obvious example. As well as, of course; Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and many other social media sites that connect with your life far more efficiently through an app than they do via a browser.

If you still don’t believe me, check out the infographic below to see the comparison of time spent in browsers vs apps on mobile devices within the United States:


You will find that the stats are still heavily in favour of Social Media and Game apps vs consumer driven utilities and engagement apps, but this trend is changing.

The last thing we want is for you to rush out and build or buy an app, potentially investing good money that might not yield any return. Like any technology investment there are right ways and wrong ways, pitfalls and peaks; you should get a guide and ask for some advice. If the only information or experience you need to offer your consumers is the display of general product or contact information, a mobile optimised website is probably still your best bet. However, if you want to really immerse your customer in the experience of dealing with your business (through photos, videos, and audio files, or even by utilising features that read their GPS location, heart rate, daily exercise or sleep data, etc.), chances are you will benefit from an app.

Recently, FlowBiz finished the development of a mobile app for Allens Training ( Allens Training is proud to release their First Aid App as part of their First Aid Training Certification, which is designed specifically for the first aider trainee. If you need a First Aid certification for personal or professional reasons, Allens Training and their partners are one of the leading industry providers, and their new app will form part of your training and ongoing certification!
Download it NOW from the Google Play Store and/or the Apple iTunes Store:



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