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At FlowBiz, we’ve assisted the growth of many businesses, small and large, through our software and expert professional services team.

MyWorkflow is shaping up to arrive within the next few months, and it promises to bring along with it the ultimate view of your business activities. MyWorkflow is being developed for any and every business to manage the process of new sales enquiries through to invoicing and everything in between. We hope to pack as much of our knowledge and experience into it as we can!

Whilst we love helping businesses of all sizes, what we love almost as much is hearing from businesses about the problems they are facing. Why? Because we want to ensure the products we build for you solve real day to day problems, and give real returns on your investment in us and our software.

We know that plenty of our readers are small business owners, who commonly can’t afford to get expensive analysts and consultants in to design custom solutions to everyday issues that might be unique to your business.

Here at FlowBiz, we want to hear from you about these problems, big or small, and we want to see just how many of them we can solve with our software; MyWorkflow. So, let us know what problem(s) you’d love a piece of software to overcome for you and your business; short of brewing a coffee for you (though I think we might be onto something there…). Give us your ideas for a chance to have it made a reality!

To return the favour, we’ll be selecting the best ideas and rewarding the clever thinker a FREE consultation over a catered lunch. If you’re familiar with the staff at FlowBiz, you’ll know how seriously we take our lunch orders. Trust us, you’re in for a treat!

Providing strategies and solutions to grow your business in a digital world is what FlowBiz is all about!


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