My business was hit by a bus!

My business was hit by a bus! It’s the costly story of too many businesses – key business processes stuck in the minds of key people! But of course what happens if the proverbial bus comes along and – WHAM!!! It may be macabre and perhaps a little insensitive...

Italian Leather Software

Italian Leather Software It is widely accepted that Italians make the best leather shoes. If you want a nice pair of shoes that fit your feet, provide you support, and get you from one place to another in style and comfort, you buy a nice pair of Italian leather...

WOAH – Back The Truck Stuff Up

WOAH-Back The Truck Stuff Up It’s 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon, a text message from home beckons you to begin a relaxing weekend. In your haste to read the all-important message you reach for your phone, knock over your cup of now cold coffee and ZAP! SIZZLE! POP!...

FlowBiz – The Rebranding

FlowBiz – The Rebranding In the spirit of keeping pace with our market and the times in general our internal marketing team has been working hard to produce our new brand. A clean, modern look for a clean hard working modern company. A new logo, a new tagline,...

You’ll Want To Be On 5.3

You’ll Want To Be On 5.3! The FlowBiz Technology Platform (FBTP) has a new release available, and version 5.3 is all about speed. Well almost, there are a bunch of other great new features as well. Security has always been one of FlowBiz’s top priorities, and...

ConNetica App Launch

ConNetica – Conversations For Life App Release A little more conversation, A little more action please! A very well attended official launch on 14th December at the Connetica offices in Caloundra saw Prof. John Mendoza and the ConNetica team launch their...

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