Silcar Project

Client Profile:

Silcar Communications has been active in the Australian telecommunications network industry since 2000. Over this time they have established a reputation for being at the forefront of Australia-wide telecommunications network infrastructure deployment, due to their high level of technical expertise and a commitment to “getting the job done”.

Business Situation:

At Silcar safety is paramount. Each Silcar operation works with safety systems that have been specifically developed for the industry and often specific to a locality.

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Using the FlowBiz Workflow Connect BPM Portal and combined with the enterprise strength Document Management and Risk Manager has ensured Silcar links hazards and risk analysis back to the procedures that must be followed. The combination of ease of use traceability and cloud technologies means the roll out is smooth and with little training required.

Stephen Tumaltry

National Health, Safety & Quality Manager

Benefits after 6 months:

  • Tangible and measurable reduced Compliance and Governance costs.
  • Over 150 processes defined, published and managed.
  • Over 2000 Critical documents available and secure & linked to processes or in a secure document area.
  • Traceability and confidence that documents are acknowledged by receiving personnel.
  • Reduced time to access critical process or procedural information.
  • Simpler Contractor engagement through easy to use interface.
  • Vastly improved record searching and indexing.
  • Improved satisfaction from contractors and staff.
  • Improved satisfaction from the user community.
  • Platform ready for extensible modules.

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