Staff Update – FlowBiz Welcomes 4 New Staff

We realise our last Newsletter was Xmas 2014 and what seems like only yesterday is 6 months ago now. However, we believe that putting on 4 new staff in that time is a solid indication that FlowBiz is growing (GrowBiz).

Growth brings with it many challenges, so alongside our growth have been a few Senior Management changes so let’s take a quick look at who’s who in the zoo.


Terry Sinkinson – Moves from Managing Director to CEO.


Terry’s decades of experience in all levels of business is immeasurable and of great benefit to the organisation as we move forward through a growth phase into an increasingly corporatized structure. Terry’s genuine care for his staff and enthusiasm for his products are inspiring. There are many challenges ahead of the FlowBiz ship, but as a seasoned sailor Terry is comfortable behind the helm and is an excellent captain.


Roger Mychajlyk – Elected as our New Board Chairman.

rmyIf Terry is the captain Roger is the navigator. Roger’s experience in business at all levels is also difficult to measure and of great benefit to the organisation. His guidance and wisdom is delivered with strength and enthusiasm but tempered by his friendly, approachable personality. Roger and Terry have set a course for FlowBiz through a modern industrial revolution caused by the Internet and digitisation. Our growth and success are now and will be into the future largely due to this dynamic duo.


David Kleinschmidt – Welcomed as a Pre-Sales Analyst

dgkDavid has over 20 years of experience in the IT and Education industries. David studied Industrial Psychology at The University of Queensland where he specialised in Human Computer Interaction and Team Dynamics. David understands the inner workings of a business like few of his age, and has an uncanny knack for finding, analysing and designing solutions for organisational issues. A fun, friendly and creative guy who loves nothing more than to help businesses achieve their goals. A natural yet authentic and honest salesman, and a trustworthy and reliable advisor, David is a welcome addition to our team. Why not put David to the test in your business today, give FlowBiz a call and book David for a half-day discovery session, you may just find the niggling answers to the problems you have been battling with through David’s logical yet highly creative approach.


Eduardo Sifontes – Welcomed as our Lead Project Manager

esiEduardo is a seasoned veteran in project management and strategic consultancy. He comes to us as a strategic partner from Acache and has vast experience in many industry segments. He will lead our Project Management efforts ensuring excellent outcomes for our clients, through conscientious application of our revised project management methodology. We are all excited by Eduardo’s enthusiastic approach and are already benefiting from his hard work through some recently improved deliverables.


Elliott Johns – Welcomed as our Lead Support Officer

ejoElliott will bring his youthful yet intelligent and highly creative personality to our team early in August this year. He has been hired to lead our support efforts and inject his expertise in Graphic Design into our User Experience Improvement projects. Elliott has a friendly yet direct “no-nonsense” approach to support that deals with the facts and gets fast, reliable results for his clients. A qualified Graphic Designer and experienced IT Support Manager Elliott is a welcome addition to the team.


Jithesh Puthiyandi – Welcomed as a Programmer

jpuJithesh comes to us from the sub-continent where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Calicut. With post graduate qualifications in software programming and over 10 years of experience as a project based software programmer he will be a welcome addition to our programming team. Jithesh is as friendly as he is knowledgeable and having worked in teams smaller and much larger than ours his “team player” approach will be greatly respected and appreciated. We look forward to what Jithesh will bring to the team when he joins us later in July this year.



So its exciting times ahead for FlowBiz. Our numbers are growing but our egos are not, we still put the customer at the centre of our product and always will. Give us a call to find out how both our existing and new staff can bring their experience to your business through an award winning FlowBiz based business systems solution.

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