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Business as unusual

There’s no question that technology is changing the way we do business and the way we purchase and interact with products and services as consumers.

We now have newspapers delivered to an app, not an address. We don’t print photos we share them, we don’t hire movies we download them, we don’t grab a phone book we grab a phone and Facebook, and if we want encyclopedic knowledge we ‘Google’ it.

Disruption is inevitable. While we may not know the time or scale of it, we can be assured no industry is immune from it. Your time is coming. You can’t afford to do business as usual or continue to rely on products and programs that fit you into their box and keep you ordinary.

At FlowBiz, we believe in doing business as unusual. We help businesses like you who don’t fit the mould or no longer want to, adopt and adapt to new ways of thinking and operating using customised, process-driven, people-centric technology.

Improve, streamline and disrupt with one powerful platform

Forget switching between programs or jumping between mobile apps, the FlowBiz Technology Platform gives you full access to all areas of your business in one powerful platform. With company-wide visibility you can easily monitor business performance, measure staff efficiency, manage your customers and magnify your impact from anywhere at any time.

Technology Platform

Get on line with a proven efficient and intelligent technology platform designed to reduce implementation and for integrating all aspects of the FlowBiz Digital Strategy; ready to handle growth in capacity.

Intelligent Processes

Lower costs, increase productivity, and improve performance with efficient and intelligent processes based on your unique business structure, all working through the Technology Platform.

Innovative Mobility

Access the right information at the right time, in the right place, at your desk, or in the field through the Technology Platform to connect through the cloud or through a mobile app.

Smart Business Modules

Lower costs, increase productivity, and improve performance with efficient and intelligent processes based on your unique business structure, all working through the Technology Platform.

Integrated Web Strategy

Engage with your customers seamlessly through a website back to the business through the Technology Platform, instead of the website sitting parallel to the business.

Meet The Team

Meet the team that puts the hours into delivering the most intelligent systems on the market!

Terry Sinkinson

Terry Sinkinson


Terry Sinkinson is a highly respected entrepreneur, and a leader in process improvement, digital technologies and digital disruption.

As the CEO of FlowBiz, Terry is known for rapidly increasing an organisation’s market share and profits by disrupting traditional business models and digitising business processes. Providing technology solutions that reduce the effort in adopting and adapting to new ways of operation and thinking, Terry has helped countless small businesses and major corporations across many sectors become digital disruptors and benefit from:

• Improved service quality in the eyes of customers
• Rapid growth of market share
• Significant cost reductions
• Enhanced profitability and
• Increased capital value

As a result, FlowBiz has become a pre-eminent force in digital disruption and Terry continues to be the confidant of many well-known business leaders, as the urgency to digitise increases.

Roger Mychajlyk

Roger Mychajlyk

Board Chairman

Roger Mychajlyk is a highly respected business leader and a specialist in collaborative leadership, change management and digital disruption.

Having spent over 40 years in executive management positions growing some of Australia’s most well known brands, Roger now helps companies adapt their business models to ensure their survival in the new digital, big data era.

As the Chairman of FlowBiz, Roger is known for his ability to disrupt traditional approaches to business and create true and lasting organisational change through collaborative leadership and technology.

Understanding a company will always reflect the skills and attitudes of the leader, and the need to evolve or die, Roger works with CEOs and business leaders to review their company’s strategy and business plan, and challenge them to take a more creative and disruptive approach to growing their business.

Jose Aniceto

Jose Aniceto

Senior Developer

Jose Aniceto is a highly experienced Software Developer and Systems Architect, and a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. With over 24 years experience in Information Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering and Master’s degrees in Business IT and Systems Development, Jose has helped countless organisations including Sydney Futures Exchange (now acquired by ASX) and OM (now NASDAQ OMX) develop customised system solutions.

As the Senior Software Engineer for FlowBiz, Jose is known for his extensive knowledge of the software development lifecycle and his ability to deliver a wide range of reliable technical solutions across a broad range of industries.

Passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for clients, Jose is able to leverage his extensive knowledge of NET, C#, Sql Server, ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, VBscript, PHP, MySql, Apache, IIS, HTML, Javascript and TCP/IP to create the best system solution for clients.

Sean Clitheroe

Sean Clitheroe

Operations Manager / Projects Manager

Sean is an asset to the FlowBiz team by introducing higher level organisation of work completed. Sean sports extensive experience in implementing changes in business process workflow, utilising more efficient work practices and producing clear, concise business policy, procedure, governance framework and process structure, with the ability to continually focus on the need for prioritisation of key operational performance and results.

Sean brings to FlowBiz his ability to lead, motivate and mentor staff to create a committed, focused and highly effective cross functional teams across all operations of the business.

Ray Hartl

Ray Hartl

Senior Developer

Ray Hartl is a highly experienced Software Engineer and a specialist in developing web and workflow based software solutions. With over 30 years experience in Information Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Computer Science and Mathematics) and formal education in Project Management, Ray has successfully developed software solutions for a wide range of organisations including Suncorp Metway, Main Roads, Boral Energy and Telstra.

As a Senior Software Engineer for FlowBiz, Ray is known for his ability to improve business processes and increase productivity by adapting software applications to meet the needs and culture of an organisation.

With widespread experience across software applications, Ray can work confidently in Gupta / Centura SQL Windows, and SQL Base Database, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (and prior versions), Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Office Products, Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access Applications and Database, Microsoft Visual C++ and C, Oracle Designer 2000, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5, Crystal Reports and Borland Turbo Pascal.

The bottom line is we want to increase yours

Every recommendation we make, process we improve, strategy we implement, and system we build is designed to improve your bottom line and provide a significant return on your investment.

Whether you want to improve efficiency, streamline your sales process, become more mobile or completely revolutionise your industry, we can provide you with the technology, resources, skills, experience and business nous you need to get it done.

Ready to change the way you do business?

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