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It’s 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon, a text message from home beckons you to begin a relaxing weekend. In your haste to read the all-important message you reach for your phone, knock over your cup of now cold coffee and ZAP! SIZZLE! POP! Your work is gone. You quickly race to a colleague’s terminal to check the backups… wait… do you have a backup? When did the last one run? How many hours of work have you lost? An all too familiar story, and there are plenty more where that one came from. Don’t get caught out anymore! Back it up with FlowBiz.

FlowBiz is proud to announce that after many months of testing and refinement our brand new Cloud Based Hosting Backup solution is now available! What was once only available for your server is now ready to protect your client devices as well, all reported and monitored together in one central interface. Our backup solution is designed and built for our FlowBiz Hosting environment, but can be used on your servers too!

Our solution partners – Probax and the best in the backup business mean that your additional backup requirements can come with the choice of ShadowProtect®, Veeam® or Probax FilePlus. All of these technologies will communicate with, and replicate to Probax Control where you can find monitoring, reporting, alerting and recovery options in a single point of control.

FilePlus supports HOT backups from SQL Server and Exchange Server, without taking your databases offline, and allowing your backups to be complete and thorough across your business. With so much Intellectual Property residing in email mailboxes and databases, it can be a disaster to lose even one important email.

Every backup is stored in an Australian data centre with high levels of security, redundancy, availability and reliability. So don’t just back it up with any old solution, back it up with confidence, reliability, security and convenience with FlowBiz.

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