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WorkFlow Designer 5.3 Released

From our partners at WorkFlow Connect, Workflow Designer allows you to build documentation that demonstrates workflows or procedures. For organizations with complex operational structures, this software provides a very easy-to-use tool for creating documents that anyone should be able to follow.

Workflow Designer 5.30 features assigning users and groups in workflow guides, as well as updates to improve usability, stability and reliability.

What’s new in this release: WorkFlow Designer Version 5.30:

• Added ability to select user and group assignment at each step for Workflow Guides

• Added web service client API functions to get users and groups

• Improved colours from 256 to 16.7 million colours when publishing a workflow to FlowBiz Technology Platform

• Improved QuikDraw to only show when a figure is selected and hide when Workflow Designer is minimised

• Improved Files and Jumps for better file and document opening

• Improved tab display when a new workflow is created so all tabs are shown properly

• Updated Welcome screen with new styling

• Updated FlowBiz logos to new styling

• Updated About box with information about Workflow Designer files

• Updated application icon

• Changed status bar text to a progress bar when loading a document

• Removed support for Workflow Connect 4.11 servers (requires FlowBiz Technology Platform 5.0 or higher)

• Fixed export to image formats failing if the chart is wide

• Fixed Purpose and Scope tab drawing thinking Overview is not visible resulting in the Overview being on top of the tab

• Fixed Standards downloading from a FlowBiz Technology Platform database to cache in the correct folder

• Fixed Report Options where reports stored as selected are still selected when they no longer exist

• Fixed text conversion to HTML when publishing to FlowBiz Technology Platform could lose some rich text information in some situations.

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